Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking My Time, Enjoying My Time

I'm working on some larger artworks so in the meantime I am posting some things that bring me happiness.
I have seen lists by others of things that make them happy so I have compiled one of my own:
1. quiet and peacefulness
2. seeing my children laugh and smile
3. yoga
4. hiking
5. taking time to be present
6. finding ways to recycle more and having a positive effect on the earth
7. exploring words and writing
8. touch
9. discovering beautiful places in the world that cost nothing to appreciate other than just being there
10. creating beautiful and thoughtful things
11. learning ways in which to improve the existence of things
12. decluttering and becoming more minimal
13. enjoying delicious food with friends and family
14. meditation
15. a really good book
16. enjoying a vegetarian meal with a friend while "catching up" on life
17. creating art purely for the sake of creating something from the soul without concern for the opinions of others
18. energizing conversations over a glass of red wine

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